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TIRED OF FEELING TIRED? Too much stress. Too much pressure. But it does NOT have to be that way! At last a site that is devoted to helping you help yourself - FREE! Natural cures & herbal home remedy resources designed to help you feel better and BE healthier today!


Stop being addicted and live a powerful life. Help for Food, Drugs, Alcohol, sex, gambling, codependency, shoplifting, computer addiction etc.



Link to lawn ornaments.

making your lawn spectacular.com

We offer a wide variety of lawn and garden decorations to help you make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood, at very affordable prices.

Link to Fine Hand Crafted Spinners:


Link to Organic Food Production Act of 1990:



Children's Educational Software, Educational Games and Reference Software help kids learn from as early as toddlers, to young adults. Everyone will find the Educational Reference Software a valueable information tool, from students to parents to teach.

Link to eye health


Opening third eye chakra for eye health and instant vision correction imparts instantaneous energy to the act of seeing, to the body and to the mind. Anyone can do it instantaneously.

Find the type of discount hot tub cover lifter that works best for you in assisting with the heavy lifting.


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Link to Healthy :

Natures super natural health foods, super natural remedies and super natural recipes. Your health, your foods, living naturally, living long and living young.


Free Your Mind

• stopliberalmadness.com
• americansforprosperityfoundation
• cie.org

Medical Marijuana - Pain Relief.



Print Media 

• Benefits of Medical Marihuana: Medical Benefits Link
• Michigan Medical Marihuana Doctors : Link Here
• Michigan Outdoor News website: michiganoutdoornews.com

• Special Infused Recipes: Recipe Link
• Bob Gwizdz, Outdoor Editor, Booth Newspapers: Email Bob Gwizdz
• Outdoor Editor at: hollandsentinel.com

Need a Moderator, Correspondent, Host, Reporter or Guest for the Day.

Providing professional media talent services for all types of radio and television content. Able to ask the hard hitting questions to get down to the truth in the answer. Providing insight on a number of local and national news issues. Including talk about politics, business, economy, sports, education, hobbies and weather.

• Moderator/Mediator CLICK HERE

Commercial and Guest Appearances, MC for events, Grand Openings, Product launches or introductions, voiceovers and commercial jingles.

Educational & Media Resources

The following documents are provided as a resource to the media in an effort to assist you in understanding our industry and provide background information, statistics and analysis. If you have any questions after reviewing the information, please don’t hesitate to contact The Organic Food Plot headquarters at 248-701-9328 or e-mail us.


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Links ot other Radio Shows
marklevinshow.com hannity.com rushlimbaugh.com


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