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Professional Coaching is an ongoing co-created partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, achieve their goals and dreams, and enhance their overall quality of life. Professional Coaching is an ongoing co-created partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, achieve their goals and dreams, and enhance their overall quality of life.

In each coaching section, the client chooses the focus on conversation, while the coach listens and contributes observations, insights, ideas, wisdom, encouragement, and challenging questions. This interaction creates clarity and moves the client into action. Coaching accelerates the client's progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. Coaching concentrates on where clients are today and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be tomorrow.

"Coach" is an old French word meaning "a vehicle to transport people from one place to another." Today, a coach helps a person move up a level, by expanding a skill, by boosting performance, and most importantly by changing the way a person thinks. Coaches help people grow! They help people see beyond what they are today to what they can become tomorrow. A great coach helps ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Mikey’s Transitional Coaching Programs are designed to help you profoundly succeed!

Why do people hire coaches?

According to a survey by the International Coach Federation (ICF), coaches are hired for a wide variety of reasons such as:

• Mentor, 50.0%
• Business Consultant, 46.5%
• Teacher, 41%

• Taskmaster, 30.5%
• Spiritual Guide, 29.5%

What are the benefits of Coaching?

Each individual will obtain their own personal benefits through coaching, however respondents to an ICF survey reported a wide range of benefits, including:

• Increased self-awareness, 67.6%
• More accurate goal setting and achieving, 62.4%
• More balanced life, 60.5%
• Lower stress levels, 57.1%
• Enhanced self-discovery, 52.9%
• Increased confidence, 52.4%
• Improved quality of life, 43.3%
• Enhanced communication skills, 39.5%
• Increased project completion, 35.7%
• Improved health and fitness level, 33.8%
• Better relationship with co-workers, 33.3%
• Better family relationships, 33.3%

Single "Al a Carte" TeleCoaching Sessions - $250 per session

Would you like to be coached by Mike without having to commit to a contract? Just need some guidance, encourage, advice, or a little nudge to get you headed in the right direction? Well, Al a Carte Coaching may be your best investment. Simply pay for your single session, and Mike’s staff will schedule your telephone coaching session with you, based on his availability.

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Lunch with Mike LIVE In Person Coaching

Want to pick Mike's brain LIVE over lunch? Sign up for this intimate and powerful time of one-on-one coaching with Mike in person. The lunch will be scheduled for 90 minutes, the fee must be paid in advance via credit/debit card before the lunch is scheduled. Coachee also pays for the lunch itself. Since this is your very special opportunity to get live real-time feedback from Mikey as an added bonus, the coachee is encouraged send Mikey up to 3 pages of advance material for Mike to review in preparation for the meeting.

$299 for one Person

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$699 for up to 5 people

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Mike's VIP Client One-on-One Coaching

Are you ready for real change, and powerful transformation? Are you ready to make The Shift, and want Mike to be your personal and professional partner during the process? Well if so, then becoming a VIP Coaching Client is ideal for you. Clients enjoy these key monthly benefits.

• Includes 3 - 50-minute coaching sessions with Mike via the phone
• Includes 3 - 5 to 10 minute Laser Coaching sessions per month via the phone
• Includes unlimited email coaching support
• Guaranteed time-slot on Mike's calendar

3 - 50 minute Sessions Over 2 Months
Participant Fee $499

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6 - 50 Minute Sessions Over 2 Months
Participant Fee $899

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Session Options

9 - 50 Minute Sessions Over 3 Months
Participant Fee $1,299

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Session Options

The best athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, parents, and marriages all have one thing in common. They all have coaches. People that help to pull the best out of them, and challenge them to greatness. Coaching is one of the most powerful, practical, and time-shaving ways that you can achieve, and maintain the success you seek. Enroll today, Mikey's coaching roster fills up very fast, don't delay, register today!

Mike's Ideal Coaching Clients

• Existing and New Entrepreneurs
• Business Professionals
• Speakers
• Authors
• Consultants and Trainers
• Pastors, Evangelists & Ministers
• Community Leaders
• Home-based Business Owners
• Public Figures - High Visibility Professionals
• Celebrities
• Media Professionals
• Professionals in Academia
• Artists and Entertainers
• You?

Mike's Coaching Credentials

• Over a decade of platform experience and one-on-one and group coaching before and after keynote presentations
• Author of books, articles, manuals and training tools all in the fields of personal and professional development and technical works.
•  Studio & Field Production Certification
• Over 18 years of self-study in the field of Personal/Professional Development, Leadership Development, Innovative Thought and Design, New Business Developement, New Product Launches, and Operations consulting.

What to Expect in your Coaching Session with Mike

• Expect to enjoy a safe place to nurture your dreams; a space where anything is possible.
• Expect total client confidentiality.
• Expect to be held accountable for your own results.
• Expect Mike to help you create and implement a strategy that works for you.
• Expect no-nonsense wisdom, insight, ideas, questions, and assignments.
• Don't expect Mike to have all the answers. Remember that you are co-creating the coaching relationship with Mike. You have your own answers; Mike will simply help pull those answers out of you.
Expect for Mike to be very excited about your goals and dreams and celebrate with you as you transition from one phase of your life and success to another.

Types of Coaching in which Mike specializes

• Business Start-Up Structuring
• Front-End & Gap Analysis
• HR - Staff Augmentation - Contractors

• Operationalizing Business Strategies
• Six Sigma, CI and Lean Principles
• Next Step Coaching

• Jump-Start Compliance System
• Mastering Your Time Coaching
• Maximizing Your Business Coaching

Coaching, just like tuition in college or registration fees for conferences and seminars, is an investment into your business, yourself, employees and your future. Make the investment and get the results!

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Audio CD Recording*
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Each of our LIVE webinars is recorded and may be purchased when you register for a LIVE event.
CDs are available 14 – 21 days after the event.

Conference Start Times
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Celebrate Successes

If you've decided it's time to get serious about building your holistic health and wealth, don't waste another minute!
Organic Food Plot offers to you exclusive Holistic Coaching - It will dramatically accelerate your progress.

See recent market data on the effectiveness of Coaching and Mentoring!

• 1 – 50-minute coaching session with a Success Coach
• 6 – 30-minute coaching sessions with a Success Coach (including Health & Financial Makeover).
• 12 session Teleseminar Series taught by Master Coaching Team. This includes:

• 8 sessions on Building Blocks
• 8 sessions on Build Your Links
• 8 sessions on Real Paths to Inner Wealth

• 6 months of the Success Coaching calls
• Password protected Coaching Client Website with various downloads, reports, and resource list
• Wealth Foundation Package:

CD Sets and Workbooks
• Building Your Health & Wealth
• Expression of Your Power
• Building, Leading & Protecting Yourself

There are three key reasons people who are serious about financial freedom choose the six-month Success Coaching program

• Customized, one-on-one guidance with Success Coach.

*Coaching is not about theory, it is about learning and utilizing proven strategies to achieve your goals. Those who use coaches will dramatically compound their efforts. Consider any team without a coach. You and your team need expert, play by play advice in business and investing.

You will focus on what you want and need most, which may include starting or running businesses, investing, and many other factors that determine your ability to generate and manage your life.

Individuals who find this specific method of training an ideal choice include

• Professionals who have a lot of time demands that can interfere with their progress.
• Individuals who prefer a customized and in-person approach rather than a general self-paced "how-to" book, course or seminar.
• Men and women who prefer to deal with their personal wealth plan in a confidential and private setting.
• Anyone who learns best in one-on-one sessions.

We approach health & wealth building on five key levels, since anyone can affect your ability to make the achievements you want:

Mental - rooting out the mental barriers to holistic attainment
Emotional - neutralizing past conditioning or failures
Spiritual - accessing your inner strength through natural means
Strategic - creating your personal plan utilizing the proven strategies
Tactical - implementing your plan week by week, month by month.

By the end of the Coaching program, you will have:
• Your baseline and forecast for your individual situation
• Your customized Success Plan
• Access to all the resources and networking you need
• A working knowledge of a self-sustaining holistic structuring
• Today's best pain-free strategies, along with healthy living
• Advanced risk assessment and planning strategies
• And much more!

The current cost for this coaching program is $2490 per person or $3990 for couples or partnerships