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Organic Food Plot - is the home of organically designed medical marijuana themed inspirational thinking. OFP offers a full line of training classes, seminars, educational workshops  and speaking appearances and 1:1 coaching: - We call this Springboard Learning.

Springboard Learning is a registered trademark of Drexel Ad Group, Inc, we specialize is the delivery of inspired courseware covering web-business management, goal setting, natural cures, pain-free living, medical cannabis themed recipes and other holistically organic growing products. 

With the proper organic ingredients and internal stimulation, the mind can acheive and excel in thought provoking action.

 Workshops vary in length, All inquires, email here.

Image Building - Web Services

I am an energetic professional speaker, author, and coach who covers the topics of online digital trends, innovative thought, innovation leadership, SEO traffic, professional web-image marketing,, performance training, and the future of "you" as a business. I can build your image to drive views and convert sales. I’ve keynoted several major events and spoken for many private corporations, public insitutions, assocations, trade groups, business forums, colleges & univerisities and churches. If you want to learn more, click here.

Workshop Materials

A. Fundamental GreenLife Recipe - Think - Plan - Do - Energy Multiplier

Energy Multiplier and Laws of Energy

B. Fundamental GreenLife Recipe II - Goals - Intentions - Affirmations - Visualizations

• Goal Achievement and Energy Thoughts

C. Advancing to  Attainment and Abundance

• The wornout wallet
• Perfecting Patents

D. Draft Version - "Called Upon Life"

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