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Food supplies already mixed with chemicals and pesticides, now terrorists target the grocery stores to further posion foods with cyanide. 

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This page will provide a fast link to those wishing to obtain or sell organic commodities.

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Expedited response for email replys, a media kit, and become part of the "review" field staff- sneak previews for recipes and webcasts.

OrganicNation is the community board for Organic growing, eating and celebrating all organic innovations. OrganicNation allows members to expedited response for email replys, a media kit, and become part of the "review" field staff- sneak previews for recipes and webcasts.

OrganicNation allows members submit photos of their organic harvests along with their stories. All participants in the OrganicNation recognize the therapeutic and holistic advantages of Organic growing.

OrganicNation is a supporter of Great Big Ideas that can be natured to Greatness. OrganicNation is the portal for Success Energies and the OFP Energy Multiplier.

Our Philosophy encompasses the sucess formula of Plan - Do - Act - Energy Multiplier.

The Energy Mulitplier is a systematic way to overcoming the bottlenecks on the way to success yielding results that form greater energies that any one individual can generate.

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Help Us Do RESEARCH: basic premise is U.S. has no more money. Help us research new bills to expose; who will be the payor, will will be the intended benefactor(s), who will be attacked later on, what's the perceived "silver bullet", potential risks for failure, who will be held holding the bag, who will be held accountable to fruition, with the new bill is it piling on or have 3 other laws been recomended to be abolished, who holds the money, what restricts the receipt from abuse, what restricts stakeholders from internal or external abuse situations, what is the intention of the bill, does it support the constitution, is the bill a government overreach, and what sunset or benchmarks are set to end the bill without new legislation.


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