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Welcome To The Organic Food Plot

Organic Food Plot is Michigan's #1 site for celebrating organic innovations designed for those who desire to seek out, grow, and harvest their own food, work to make their own all-natural pain-relief remedies while advancing their own minds and gain educational tools for self-sustainment.

True Rugged Individualism.

I am here to promote self-sustainment and self-reliance thru rural living and provide the best message of inspiration, devotion, and gratitude with Ag products supporting rural America,

We are an agriculture research and strategic intelligence firm based in Michigan, working in all 83 counties.

Educational & Media Resources

The following documents are provided as a resource to the media in an effort to assist their understanding of our desires, passions and provide background information, statistics and analysis. If you have any questions after reviewing the information, please don’t hesitate to contact The Organic Food Plot headquarters at 248-701-9328 or e-mail us.

Our Vision

Organic Food Plot creates a hub for the promotion of self-sustainment lifestyles focused on In/Out door activities (satisfied member clients) by providing intelligent services and educational materials that helps them with improving their personal performance for tasting success and the performance of their efforts in cooking, planting, farming or harvesting God's organic resources. Through videos, reviews, seminars, public speaking events and shows, Organic Food Plot, supports the vibrant lifestyle of celebrating all things organic while feeding the minds and spirits of great ideas. Our premier training, coaching and mentoring offers an ever expanding all-natural product line that will delight customers. Organic Food Plot is the leader in organic health training linked to energy-building coaching along with therapeutic and hollistic pursuits.

Our Company

Organic Food Plot (OFP)is an agruculture products and educational training company focused on individual human issues by providing specialized training, teachings for personal growth results oriented workshops and presentations covering tools, techniques and resources to a broad range of people seeking true holistic pain relief  from a rugged individualism perspective.

Our observation is that We(as humans) return to nature for nourishment and passionately pursue technology for advancement!

For over 15 years, we have been an internet company introducting a web component to our operation in order to provide a modern way to do business. We provide expert ideas, tips, and special content with analysis, in addition to our ever expanding array of licensed products.

We truly believe in the success fundamental formula of - Think/Plan/Act , yet our research shows irrefutably that in order to be truly successful one must also take advantage of the OFP Energy Multiplier where,

A clear mind + God's all natural food/pain relief + your energy = Life's Abundance

The OFP Energy Multiplier is a systematic way to hurdling a bottlenecks on the way to a better life.

The founder is just his own guy doing his own thing in hopes that many receive the benefits of this site.

The Content

Our web-site serves as a quick reference guide resource to us, our services, our products and independent findings. Our product line consists of tools and educational material  to provide our customers the ability to utilize our various offerings.

The Organic Food Plot Campaign

We provide a comprehensive forum and platform to elevate the pinnacle of agriculture and the work necessary beyond the goal of self-sustainment and personal responsibility. We intend to highlight rural living as the essence of America's beginning. Rural living and self-sustainment is rooted in America's heritage filled with strong-willed individuals. Our goal is to further support those individuals who are the youth of rural America and support rural community events. We offer and  supply natural pain relievers that can protect rural  living way of life and individual group efforts. Holistic approaches to abedding disease and discomforts so all humans can experience the tantalizing sensation of pain-free living. Clearing the mind, body and tummy to recieve better inputs, those that are the liking of a health concise person.

we hope you allow us to help you build the right recipe - blending the ingredients of advanced know-how, permiable conditions, proper cultivation and structured solutions to assemble the optimal experience  driven towards naturally pain-free living.

Our highly skilled individuals seek the protection of rural America and its essence to America's freedom.

Services Provided

business start-up

Pain Management Business Start-Up

We work with you to generate a robust business ecosystem customized to your market and regulation standards. We have channel partners that are consider best in class professionals in the industry to help provide guidance to starting a medical marijuana and infused supplements business.

Business planning and development

Product and business launch strategy

Funding and investment planning

Tax and banking guidance

Operational management

Regulatory compliance

HR and Payroll solutions

Security planning

Strategic partnerships

Cultivation planning

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• OFP unconditional & unbias rating service:
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Social Media Marketing 

Sales, Marketing & Consulting Services

We provide a platform for a business nucleus customized to fit your strategic goals of being a recongized leader in the cannabis business. Our Cannabis Kits provide ways to develop and implement creative marketing ideas, solutions and strategies, while building rapport with your audience.

Brand identity

Website design and development

Print and promotional marketing

Trade show and booth collateral

Digital, mobile and social media campaigns

Search engine optimization

Email marketing/newsletters

Content marketing and blogging

Press release writing and distribution

Media relationships and pitches

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• Customized Training "Recipe" Package plus
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Group High Five

How to Start a Home-Based Michigan Cannabis Business

• Pain-Free Goal Setting – FREE Download, upon request

•  – FREE Checklist Galore download, upon request

If you are looking to become a part of this industry, it is essential that you take steps in the right direction. By attending this BOOTCAMP workshop for future marihuana businesses, you can become more confident that you are doing the right thing.

With the right experts you can:

AVOID many of the tragic mistakes, Most people make during the initial steps of starting a marihuana business, accessing funding,  and get their permits denied.

 It is always better to learn from professionals who have extensive experience in the field  - we ask our preofrssionals to shows us there success stories.

This opportunity is only presented to you at our BOOTCAMP

Don’t wait too long because if you don’t start now, you won’t be able to find success later on.

This four-week BootCamp will provide an extensive overview of the following areas related to operating a legal medical marihuana business (and ancillary businesses) in Michigan:

·       A thorough review of Michigan's Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, (PA 281, 281 & 283 of 2016 and PA 105 of 2017).

·       A step-by-step format of what is going to be needed to get municipality approval, immmunity claims & community support

·       Help you select the correct corporate structure for your marihuana business.

·       How to deal with property contracts and landlords.

·       How much money will be needed to start a marihuana business.

·       Network with others in the industry along with the do's and don'ts of the industry. 

·       Our BootCamp Bible is packed with the valuable information in helping you with continuing education.

·       Understanding of risk and benefits of the industry for the patient, businessperson, and governmental officials on a local and statewide level

·       Assess the marihuana business successes and failures in other states and the lessons that have been learned

·       Discuss the needs, opportunities, and barriers for collaboration among, across, and within the governmental role, the healthcare role, the business person role, and the role of the patient.

·       Serialization: Understand what you will need to interface with Michigan’s seed-to-sale system that uses serialized tags with bar-code, human-readable and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags attached to every plant, and labels attached to wholesale packages to track marijuana inventory.

·       Grower/Production and Dispensary site selection and required zoning, with helpful ordinace langauge

·       Compliance and legal issues

·       Investment limitations and opportunities

·       Teambuilding for application approval and long-term success

·       Ancillary business opportunities (legal, automation, transportation, HVAC, security, real estate, insurance, marketing, accounting, plumbing, cleaning services, etc.)

·       Concentrates/extracts:  The future of the Medical Marihuana industry.

·       Marketing and advertising for Medical Marihuana companies:  Effective and proven methods.

·       Networking collaboratives designed to get to know the key players in the Medical Marihuana industry).

·       Identify on a map your best location for a medical marihuana business.

·       Meet professionals with proven track records, along with real-world examples of the application process.

·       Get an in-depth legislative & regulatory update: what’s happening now and what’s going to happen.

·       How to start and operate a successful Medical Marihuana Provisioning Center (Dispensary):  Helping people and making a profit.

·       Learn the business opportunities that this billion-dollar industry will bring to Michigan.

Advanced  Marihuana Business Workbook provided.  All those who attend will receive a detailed analysis of the current status of  Medical Marihuana Business Licensing .  The workbook contains valuable information on being successful in the Medical Marihuana industry.  Some of the main topics include: structuring the business, legal cases that must be posted, the law, exisiting or proposed regulations, business and investment opportunities, and essential Medical Marihuana basics.  We investigate the various types of licenses that will be offered and which may best fit you. It also includes information on the dispensary application process, and on how to operate a successful and legal dispensary.  As an add on bonus, our educational materials have been influenced by people who have already made money in the Medical Marihuana industry.  It contains detailed information, to show you how you can grow, expand and exce your business.  We've designed it to keep you on track and deliver steps in developing your own successful Medical Marihuana business!

, Theses are also included for FREE when you commit to the 4-Week BOOTCAMP.

• Farming Management Basics – Material only - $279, Materials & Training $495
• Organic Farming Land Management System (advanced) - $695
• Working with a Shoestring Budget - Creative Solutions - $795 (2-day), plus travel expenses.
• Educational Seminars and Speaking Engagements - see OrganicInspiration for more details.

• How to ask for money and get it – Material only - $279, Materials & Training $495
• Energizing your Organizing Efforts and Coalitions (advanced) - $695
• Crank it Out - Build it Up Workshop and starter Kit. Maps that Matter putting GIS to Work for you - $1795 (2-day), plus travel expenses.
• Educational Seminars and Speaking Engagements - see Work with Us for more details.

Upon completion of Membership Form. All first-time customers are entitled to receive 10% discount for hourly rates charged.
Distributor and dealerships available.

The Organic Food Plot allows all customers to participate from start to finish in the growing of organic food. Organic Food is grown without the use of modern herbicides or pesticides or synthetic chemicals or antibiotics found harmful to humans and soils. Organic Food offers some of the best tasting food found anywhere. Additionally organic food is authentic for those wishing to put the best fuel in their body. Organic food can minimize certain heath risks found in normally processed, packaged or enriched foods. The Organic food plot is your one stop shop for vegetables, breads and pre-assembled organic meals. The Organic Food Plot follows only the strictest guidelines acceptable under the common practices certifying crops, meats and other agricultural products as organic - all products must meet the minimum standards of the USDA food production act of 1990. The organic food plot has adopted the Cannons of Practice, covering our growing practices. The Organic Food Plot is the “orginal’ food plot operation allowing customers to get directly involved in the organic growing process. We differentiate ourselves by offering personalized products and services (vertical farming systems) to meet the needs and taste of folks like yourself.

Through extensive public relations efforts, The Organic Food Plot maintains a visible presence that works to encourage the eating and celebrating the good taste of organic foods.

Organic Food Plot America's #1 site
for All Natural Pain-Free and Holistic Healthy Living....
Mind, Body, & Tummy

Founded on the premises of providing ways to healthier living through all-natural relievers for personal ailments, spiritual alignment and dietary nutrition. We specialize in the all natural pain-free solutions and healthier lifestyles for a more well-balanced society established in the practice individual inalienable rights soveriegn from the enslavement from reigning politicial regimmes egregiously forcing tricks of crisis creation to seperate true freedoms from the indivdual.


Commitment to the earth and its land - predicated upon a "well-balanced" life, OFP supports those interested in personal growth resulting from the growing, gardening, farming, selling, manufacturing, processing or consumption of green products. Our Support Network business is supplying the catalyst for serving the needs of people's All Natural Pain-Free Holistic interests while offerring guidance to those seeking to taste success. A portion of our efforts are focused into specialized teachings including planting, cultivating, soil preparation techniques, we offer support & solutions to obtaining the very best yield possible. Additionally, the Support Network offers personalized professionally managed and self-directed organic food plots for you, your family or you may purchase one as a gift to your Favorite Food Bank Charity.

Renewable Energy.

OrganicFoodPlot.com - works to provide superior third-party engineering, assessment, monitoring, transportation, HVAC, security, real estate, insurance, marketing, accounting, plumbing, cleaning services and carbon trading liaison assignments.

The Five Project Stages

  1.  Project Conception and Initiation - through partners and customers, we seek projects that meet compliance to regulatory commisions.
  2. Project Definition and Planning - Gathering the scope and deliverables, OFP cycle consists of engineering, managment, design, monitoring and independent verification to provide independent assessment and audit of compliance to governing bodies.  OFP can act as your liasion. 
  3. Project Launch and Execution - With a strong methodology and detailed RACI, OFP is well-positioned to ramp-up and hand off any well defined business strategy. 
  4. Project Sourcing, Performance and Control - We get the talent, build the metrics and tighten down the bolts to formulate and atmosphere of collaboration and dynamics.
  5. Project Sustaining or Closing -   - Building on successes, critical milestones are achieved in every business and plans must adapted to changes.

OFP expertise is in developing strategic initiatives in many projects, requiring the understanding of the key engineering issues, stable economics along with local social and environmental impacts, means that our partners can have confidence in our ability to both source and broker projects on their behalf.

Project Types

OFP zero's in on projects that reduce emissions of greenhouse gases produced by the agriculture industry. Examples of project types that we seek involvement are listed below. The list is not comprehensive and we are continually looking for innovative ways to be highly-efficient.

Renewable Electricity - Wind Power, Hydro Power (run of river, not large-scale hydro), Solar power, Sustainably grown biomass, Agricultural residues (crop and animal waste)
Renewable Heat - Sustainably grown biomass, Agricultural residues (crop and animal waste)
Energy Efficiency - Electrical efficiency, Heating efficiency, Efficient cooking
Methane - Projects that avoid the production of methane and projects that destroy methane through flaring or electricity generation
Reforestation – The help of a local Cooperative Forester

Contact us if your company needs Emission Support Services, info@organicfoodplot.com

GHG Engineering Analysis
LED Lighting Design and Build
Low-Flow water products